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Fancy changing the appearance of your car without having to buy a new one? Re-spraying can be pricey so why not consider getting your vehicle wrapped?


Here at RD Tintwrap, we can change the colour and style of your vehicle by simply applying large panels of easily removable vinyl to the whole vehicle or if you prefer; we can transform the look of certain parts of your vehicle such as the bonnet, roof, trims and even your interior!


An investment worth making if you own a business and fancy giving your marketing a real boost! Transform your vehicle into a mobile billboard and increase your brand awareness by a significant amount. Put it out there for thousands to see and reap the benefits! Even better still, we don’t just specialise in wrapping vehicles but exhibition stands, flat wall canvases, shop windows and more. You name it, we wrap it! Read more about vehicle graphics

Benefits of vinyl wrapping:


1. Easily removable - revert back to the original paint finish quickly & easily (you can’t do that with a re spray!)


2. Affordable - this high end product gives the same effect as a quality paint job but it’s
significantly cheaper


3. Colour choices - we offer a variety of the worlds’ finest vinyls ranging from standard colours to colours such as gold, chrome and more


4. Effects - you can even choose from metallic, sparkling metallic, velvet, matte, gloss, brush steel, carbon fibre black to name a few!


5. Extra Protection - vinyl wrapping can even protect the existing paint from fading,
stone chips, etc

Not only do our wraps last 3-5 years but we also offer a manufacturer guarantee and a 1 year warranty on all our work.

Full Car Wrapping Starts From £895
Full Car Wrapping Starts From £895 image 1 Full Car Wrapping Starts From £895 image 2

We have divided the vinyl wrapping gallery into three sections.

Full Car wraps

The whole vehicle

exterior wrapped.

Roof and Bonnet wraps

Part of vehicle wrapped such as roof and bonnet (even spoilers!)

Vinyl Detailing

Interior of a vehicle vinyl wrapped in a textured style wrap like carbon fibre, brush steel or velvet.

Full Car wraps
Roof and Bonnet wraps
Vinyl Detailing
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