Vehicle Body Modifications Gallery

Vauxhall Corsa Project

Corsa B before image headshoot
Corsa Bonnet before image
Corsa B_before image borret alloys perpared
Corsa B_before image borret alloys
Customised bumper for corsa B
Corsa B_double spoiler dipped in carbon fibre effect
Corsa B_bonnet Hydrographic dipped
Corsa B Bonnet hydro dipped in carbon fibre look
Rear view corsa B hydrographic spoiler fitted
Corsa B customising complete fullview

Range Rover Project

Range rover before images frontshoot
Rear view Range Rover Sport before
Range Rover side shoot before any work
Range Rover Sport sideshoot before
Range Rover alloys  perparing for customising
Calipers sprayed with a cooper finish
Range Rover intake vent resprayed cooper
Range Rover Sport Preparation
Range Rover Premier Alloy wheels being customised in copper and black satin
Premier alloys customised black and cooper satin
Range Rover Sport wheels customised black and cooper
Range Rover custom bonnet with vent
Range Rover face shoot The after shot
Range Rover Sport with the rdtintwrap touch
Range Rover finish in black and cooper satin
Window Tinting
Vinyl Wrapping
Wheel Refurbishments
Body Modification
Vehicle Graphics
HID Light Fitting