Vehicle Body Modifications


It’s one thing having a nice car but for those of you who have that niggling passion for your vehicle, why not revamp it so that it reflects your personality and stands out from all the rest! Customisation of your vehicle not only allows you to express a unique style but depending on the model, it can even improve the aerodynamic performance.


Whether you wish to make a minor change or give your baby a full makeover, come and meet our team here at RD Tintwrap and we can provide you with all the best options and show you a range of body kits that you might like.


Feel free to give us a ring on 01582 391349 and we will happily provide you with free guidance and advice!

Case Study Below



A Range Rover Sport HSE came into the garage standard black on 22" alloy wheels.


The client required the Range Rover to look different from the rest but classy, too many range rovers look the same.


Custom: Cut open the range rover bonnet to make a vent intake.


Resprayed: alloy wheels, lower mirrors, grill, calipers, lower intake


Vinyl wrap: Roof, boot lip, boot handle, front bumper lip and bonnet


Plasti dip: Side bars


Please feel free to check out the slide show to see how this project turned out.


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Vehicle Body Modifications
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