In case you are not sure what this entails, it’s basically another form of wrapping but with a lick of paint to finish it off!


It’s often referred to as water transfer printing, immersion printing, hydro printing or cubic printing and here at RD Tintwrap, we have a range of patterns for you to choose from including flames, rain drops, the Union Jack, hundred dollar bills, camouflage, carbon fibre, metallic and plenty more!


Our level of expertise means that the end result appears as if the product has come straight from the factory! Providing the chosen surface is hard and non-porous, the hydrographics printing process can apply.

Just to top it off, we guarantee 100% coverage, clear coat
shine and UV protection!

What type of surfaces can Hydrographics be applied to?

1. Plastics such as interior trim, motorbike bodywork and household/office furniture


2. Metals such as vehicle bodywork, wheels, bicycles, motorbike bodywork, engine parts
and golf clubs


3. Fibreglass such as boats and canoes


4. Wood such as furniture, interior design, frames and structures


5. Ceramics such as tableware, bathtubs and toilets


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Hydrographics film
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