RD Tintwrap M.O.T Services, Audio Installation, Headlight Tinting and More!


If you are interested in speaking to a member of our team about any of the following services, please go ahead and call us directly on 01582 391349 or simply send us an e-mail to info@rdtintwrap.co.uk and we will get back to you with answers to any questions you
might have!

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We have a selection of car parts, Alloy wheels and cars for sale.

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Parking Sensors

Has your parking sensor become unreliable or is your parking unreliable full stop? We can repair or replace your sensor at an affordable price. Meanwhile, just watch those mirrors!

Headlight Tinting

Here at RD Tintwrap, we offer a variety of tinting films suitable for your front and rear lights!

We only deal with quality film so no need to worry about durability with us!

Audio Installation

It’s always advisable to get your new stereo installed by somebody who knows what they are doing. If you are struggling to find that perfect someone, give us a ring and we’ll do it for you! We’ll make sure it looks great and the connections are rigged so the sound quality is perfect!

Car Wind Deflectors

It’s a lovely sunny day and you just can’t wait to drive with your window down… but you can’t because you haven’t got any wind deflectors! I am sure we can all relate to that vibrating feeling that pains our ears! If you wish to get car wind deflectors installed on your vehicle, come and see us! We’ll do it for you. Likewise, if you already have them but they are somewhat damaged, pop in and we’ll repair them in the blink of an eye.

Plasti Dip

Is your car blemished? Don’t go re-spraying the whole thing! Our team of experts here at RD Tintwrap can help you save money and get rid of those blemishes by using Plasti Dip. It’s the quick, cost-effective solution to making your car look brand new again. We can even make it look glossy with metallic silver and gold finishes!

Spring Fitment

We guarantee that our specialists will carry out the installation of your new shock absorbers with a spring in their step! Our aim is to ensure that when you leave us, you do so in comfort and enjoying a smooth ride and improved handling of your vehicle.


We have a large variety of coilovers to suit all types of vehicles from 4X4’s to high performance sports cars! Give us a ring to find out more about how we can help you!.

Spray Calipers

Spice up your vehicle image by adding colour to your wheels! Here at RD Tintwrap, we can customise your calipers using high quality spray paint that is durable and adds a protective coating that is resistant to break dust, chipping and automotive chemicals.


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